Nutrition For Every Child

Each year, malnutrition and hunger-related diseases cause 60 percent of deaths in children under the age of five in developing countries. Lack of nutritious food affects children’s physical and mental development. Children suffer from stunting (low height for their age) and wasting (low weight for their height) and the effects are permanent. Being hungry also means kids can’t concentrate at school so they drop out. Without education, children are less likely to be able to earn a decent income when they become adults. As a result, the cycle of poverty continues.

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24 hr famine is an event conducted to address issues of hunger & malnutrition that severely impact the lives of children, especially those under the age of 5.

By voluntarily foregoing things, that we otherwise consider important, 24 hr famine fighters generate awareness and help raise money for these malnourished and undernourished children. 24 hr famine is a World Vision event, conducted in India to help children in India.

Steps to Get Involved?

How to do the 24 hr Famine



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Youth Ambassadors

Youth Ambassadors are school children who champion the ‘Nutrition For Every Child’ cause and generate awareness about the need to offer every child a ‘ life in all its fullness’.

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In India school kids, Youth Ambassadors, celebrities, volunteers and participants come together to show their support through various events conducted. Look up for events in your city. It’s an awesome feeling to be rallying for a cause and it’s a lot of fun when you are rallying with some real awesome people!

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Area Development Programmes

In seven locations, Area Development Programmes run by World Vision India and supported by 24 hr famine, work to fight malnutrition and hunger through various programs.

Baruch ADP

In Baruch, Gujarat, World Vision India through Baruch ADP works among 36 villages that struggle without access to health facilities, education, infrastructure and food. Widespread alcoholism, inadequate income and a topography unsuitable for agriculture are some of the major reasons for the lack of development…

Perambalur ADP

Perambalur is one of the 29 districts of Tamil Nadu and is among the underdeveloped districts of the state. Inadequate infrastructure makes the district of Perambalur inaccessible. Agriculture is the main occupation here but people have very little knowledge of newer methods and technologies which could increase their produce…

Marungapuri ADP

Marungapuri is the most backward block in the Trichy district of Tamil Nadu. There are poor infrastructure facilities, less access to information and Government schemes and fewer natural resources. The main occupation of the people in this block is agriculture and they depend on seasonal income.

Godda ADP

Godda, is one of the most backward districts of Jharkhand. Inhabited by Santhals, Malto and Paharia, the region is hilly, with very thin forest cover, and is for major parts inaccessible by roads. Remote with almost continuous rainfall and with scant means of communication, the area is plagued…

Jorhat ADP

Located between Brahmaputra and Nagaland, Jorhat is one of the largest towns in the state of Assam. The district spreads over 2852 sq.km. World Vision India has identified 6754 people in 8 slums of Jorhat. The living conditions in these slums are deplorable…

Dangs ADP

Dangs Area Development Programme works among 47 villages in Waghai Block of the Dangs District in Gujarat state. Dangs district receives the highest rainfall in the state, but lacks adequate water storage facilities. This results in shortage of safe drinking water as well as water for agriculture purpose.

Melghat ADP

Melghat is a picturesque hill station in Amravati District, Maharashtra, high up in the Satpura Ranges. The area is resplendent with lush green teak forests where wild animals such as wild boars, bears and tigers roam…

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